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What would your life be, if you knew that you would be successful choosing what you wanted, instead of settling for what you thought was possible?

Transformational Guidance sessions are perfect for anyone who has been putting in the work, mind, body, and soul, but has gotten a little lost along the way.
Are you ready to move beyond the unfulfilling relationships, the mediocre job, the confusion, avoidance, and lack of Soul in what you do?
Let’s work together to identify options, weed out the distractions, and get you back on track.
Our sessions will combine Theta Healing techniques, enabling resolution of past programming and habits, as well as practical steps to enable you to wholeheartedly embrace your future. You will be able to move forward with a list of resources, new insight, fresh perspective, and step-by-step guidance for the week ahead. The goal is to empower you and enable you to apply these tools to your future endeavours as well.
During each session, you will be provided with an opportunity to delve into what is stopping you, discover the root cause of the issue, and move beyond it. The cause of confusion or exhaustion can often be found in your past, and can continue to limit you until you resolve it.
Once we identify and resolve your ties to the past, you have new space and freedom to thrive.

These sessions are an opportunity to get out of your ‘stuff’ and gain perspective. Whether you are starting over or reinventing yourself, feeling stuck or lost, or ready to take life to the next big level, we are going to take you through that process with grace!

My role as your guide is to help clear the obstacles, distractions, and avoidance along the way, to facilitate real clarity, and to aid you in planning your course of action.

*In-person sessions are held at the Healthy Life Centre on Monday evenings.  Zoom sessions are held on Mondays and Tuesdays during the day.  A link will be sent to you at the time of booking, allowing you to choose your session time.  Please get in touch with me if you require some flexibility with these days/times!*
“You have taught me with Integrity, much Kindness and lots of Humour! I have felt totally supported as I have worked through “my stuff”, enough that I can step into my true calling with dignity and grace.
Thank you for all the inspiration and wisdom you have shared!”
Anne S

Transformational Guidance Options

Clarity and Guidance

One Session: Clarity and Guidance

A single healing and guidance session, focusing on an area of your life that is ready for real clarity. Perfect for a time when you need to find your feet again, make a big decision, or make the most of an amazing opportunity. After your purchase, I will email you to schedule your session.
1-hr session (in-person or via Zoom)
Pre-session Questionnaire (to be completed before first session): client-form-wd

Empowerment and a Plan of Action

Four Weeks: Empowerment and a Plan of Action

We will be working towards rapid and empowered transformation over the course of the 4 weeks. This package includes 4 sessions and email contact throughout. It begins with the return of your questionnaire, which will provide an understanding of where you are at and where you want to be. My role is to provide a clear space to explore what has created your current situation, and to empower you to change the course. You will be provided with action steps each week, practical and powerful ways to transform your life.
List of resources, email support throughout

New Direction

Six Weeks: New Direction

These are the phoenix sessions, leaving the past behind and building yourself from the ground up! This package is for those of you who are ready for reinvention, designed to help anyone feeling lost or stuck in relationships, business, old emotional ties, or lack of purpose.
Your 6 sessions are scheduled over 6 weeks enabling you to create a solid foundation for your epic transformation and best life possible. You are able to connect throughout, via email and phone for support, guidance, and success stories! If you feel called to step into your highest potential, this is the choice for you.
20-minute Discovery Call, personalised resource list, email and phone support between sessions
Free access to my Conclusion to Creation online workshop, a value of £95

Transformational Guidance is ideal for:

  • Practitioners and entrepreneurs who are ready to create a thriving and sustainable business
  • Business owners who feel overwhelmed or anxious about starting or building a business, and need focus on how to begin
  • Individuals who are unclear of direction, purpose, or how to evolve with grace
‘I have had individual Theta Healing sessions with Jennifer before and also personal mentoring during very difficult points in my path. I will never forget her or her work and hope to attend more trainings or events in the future! I would recommend Jennifer’s courses to anyone on this path. Thank you!’ -JC
“Our session last summer was very powerful and miraculous. It was one of main highlights of 2015. I can’t thank you enough about it and I will always be grateful for you.”

Jennifer’s accreditations: BSc Psychology, Theta Healing Master and Certificate of Science, Acu-detox Specialist, Reiki Master Teacher, Crystal Viewing Instructor. More about Jennifer Main…

If you would like to know more about me or my approach before we begin, there are a few options:

  • Feel free to explore my blog and the rest of the website! There are loads of free resources, meditations, and information that is already here for you.
  • Find me on Facebook. I participate daily! I share my experiences, advice, what works (and what does not) for my tribe there.
  • Testimonials from past clients and students
  • Try one of my online workshops! Some of these actually include sessions with me. If you’re independent and self-motivated, this may be a great option for you!
  • Call me. New clients have the option of booking a free 20-minute Discovery Call to see if we are a great match. If not, you’ll have some good information to move forward with, and I will do my best to refer you to someone who is a match.

Ready to take the leap? Here is the process:

  1. Once you purchase a package, you will receive your Welcome Pack and Service Agreement, and we will schedule your sessions!
  2. Complete the questionnaire and Service Agreement and return them to me. The questionnaire will help you to find some clarity on what you would like to gain from the sessions, and it will help me to understand your goals, hopes, and dreams, and what may be delaying you along the way.
  3. We begin! Each session will last 60-minutes, providing time for deep resolution and clarity on your next step
  4. Sessions are usually spaced 1 week apart, allowing time for you to complete any work we identify from the week before. You can reach me by email in between sessions, for clarity, guidance, and celebration!

“Thank you, Jennifer, for reminding me everyday who I am..”

Let’s take that leap!

“Jen is hugely insightful and a master at what she does. One session with her can make such a change in your life. And she is a lovely person too-who delivers in a fun and relaxed way with a style that is uniquely her own. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”
-Pauline Brooks

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