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Initiation Workshop: Soul Purpose & Expression

Jennifer regularly facilitates various Initiation Workshops over the course of the year, offering initiation into new ways of living.  Each is its own individual experience, providing clarity and healing in various levels of your being.
Each workshop will provide an opportunity for meditation, reflection and understanding, and participants will receive healing and new understanding of living a life of true alignment.
These workshops are a combination of self-discovery, resolution of limitation, healing, and elevated consciousness on every level.
I developed these workshops in response to my years of practice and instruction, repeatedly finding these themes at the core of client and student issues.
If you are a healer or practitioner of any modality, the information provided in the workshops will help you to take your sessions to the next level.  There are no prerequisites for these workshops and they are open to anyone who feels called to dive in!
{It is recommended that participants experience Jennifer’s work and/or Theta Healing beforehand (session, talk, other workshops or Theta Healing courses) as these days are designed to move quickly!}
“Wow, what a day, Jennifer, some how thank you doesn’t feel enough, but they are the only words I have at the moment for your help in removing my blocks and making the huge shift that occurred possible. Feeling rather blessed to have connected with and shared this part of the journey with such a warm and open group of people, kindred spirits for sure! Feeling inspired and motivated!”

Jennifer’s accreditations: BSc Psychology, Theta Healing Master and Certificate of Science, Acu-detox Specialist, Reiki Master Teacher, Crystal Viewing Instructor. More about Jennifer Main…

Do you feel as though you are searching for Purpose?

Are you ready to release your barriers and create more graceful flow within your daily life?
Over the course of the day, you will have the opportunity to:
  • Understand the concepts of Soul and Higher Self, and how to release old attachments and beliefs that create confusion re who you REALLY are
  • Learn to identify priorities and make choices that support you and the aspects of your life that truly matter
  • Release limiting beliefs, allowing you to redefine your relationship with yourself and your life
  • Understand how to set boundaries, identify your non-negotiable priorities, and create spaciousness within, allowing yourself to align with your truest expression
  • Complete negative family/ancestral patterns that distract you, or keep you in limiting obligations 
  • Resolve your judgements and fears (about yourself and others) that influence your ability to understand and express the truest aspects of YOU
  • Change your relationship with Commitment, Responsibility, Obligation, Loyalty, and learn to choose what truly Serves
  • Resolve your conflict with your Purpose, so that you will no longer feel controlled by it
  • Identify your barriers to having ‘enough’ time, and resolve them, creating space for your priorities
  • Understand how setting boundaries can set you free, create more space

When you consider living an authentic, aligned life, do you feel selfish?  Guilty?  Lost?

This workshop is for anyone who struggles understand why you are here, or choose what truly aligns without negative associations and feelings!

Date and Time: 16 June, 2018, from noon-5pm
Investment: £50 for 1, or £80 for 2 people 

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Workshop Venue: The Barefoot Sanctuary

45 Melbourne Place, N Berwick, EH39 4JS