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Upcoming Foundation Courses in Edinburgh

*Advanced Practitioner Course: 23-25 November 2018*
*Dig Deeper Practitioner Course: 1-2 December 2018*

Dates for Foundation courses within the UK

*Glasgow, UK: Basic DNA, February 2019, dates TBC*

Create a Solid Foundation for your Practice, Healing, & Life!

In order to create a solid foundation as a Theta Healing Practitioner, it is recommended that students attend the Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, and Dig Deeper Practitioner courses. These three courses provide time for students to learn the information provided, and to apply it through practice. These courses can be taken together, or can be taken at different times, depending upon the individual choice of the student.

*All three courses are now required before progressing to advanced and elective Theta Healing courses*

(*A 10% discount is offered to students who book onto any course 6 weeks before it commences. So book early and save!*)

Basic & Advanced DNA Practitioner Course:

Dig Deeper Practitioner Course:

Basic DNA Practitioner Course

This 3-day class introduces the student to the Basic techniques needed to commence working as a Theta Healing Practitioner. The class is 75% hands-on to allow you to be validated as you practice.

Students have the opportunity to understand and develop intuitive senses which allows clarity and understanding of the self and the surrounding world, both physical and energetic.

Course Curriculum:

*The 5 brainwaves: Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta & Gamma
*Subconscious limiting beliefs and feelings
*Muscle testing and locating limiting beliefs within the subconscious
*Gene Therapy and 12-strand DNA Activation
*The true power of your thoughts and language in your life
*Locating and replacing limiting beliefs and feelings with positive, to transform your life
*Aligning your conscious and subconscious to achieve your goals
*Access infinite knowledge and wisdom to enhance your life
*Chakras and Psychic Senses
*Attract abundance into your life
*Attract your soul mate into your life
*Scan the body
*Read your future
*Guardian Angel readings
*Manifesting your life in the highest and best way
*The Seven Planes of Existence
*Clear radiation, Self Healing, Group Healing


The full course investment is £395 when you book 6 weeks in advance, saving you 10%. A deposit of £95 will secure your place on the course. It is advised to book in advance, as spaces fill quickly. The balance is payable 14 days prior to the start of the course. If you book after the early registration deadline, the full investment will be £435, so book early and save!

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Student Testimonials:

“When I first came to Theta Healing, I had no conception of the extent of what was possible in my own potential. After the first day, I already felt like a new person, except it was much more like coming back to who I really always was. By the end of the weekend, I felt like I had a new life within my current circumstances, and that it was the life I had always wanted to live. After the Basic DNA course, Theta Healing felt like coming home” -ES, Scotland

“I can’t thank Jen enough. When I was on the Basic Theta Healing course it felt like Jen had just made sense of the world and in fact my whole life and why I feel the way I do and why I experience things the way I do!

It was truly a life changing few days and now my experience of life is so beautifully different from before.” -VW, Scotland

“My favourite part of the course was acknowledging how my body receives psychic information. The instruction and knowledge went above my expectations. Jennifer presented effectively with free flow, and teaching to the pace and students’ knowledge, spot on!” -AR, Scotland

“My favourite part of the course was learning the Theta Healing technique and lots of small insights along the way that make a big impact! Jen is awesome, I’ve always liked her teaching style. It’s relaxed, fun and open, and knowledgeable. Jen did an amazing demo with a client, resolving a challenging issue gracefully” -LS, Scotland

“Jen brought a feeling of ease and joy to all the material, which made it easy to absorb and move forward. I really appreciate her playfulness along with her deep understanding of the material. Thank you Jen!” -DC, USA

“I love Jennifer’s enthusiasm and humour, and felt held in love and integrity throughout the course. Thank you!” -Patricia “The whole experience was amazing. My favourite part would be realising my true potential and path. The course exceeded my expectations. Jennifer is wonderful, and her teaching style is perfect. I felt relaxed, and grounded in her class.” -SL, Scotland

“I loved all of it, but especially learning about the Planes of Existence, the course exceeded my expectations!  Jennifer’s teaching style, approach, humor, fluidity, and demeanor all resonate with me and made this so fun!  I am so grateful for this experience!” -BP, Edinburgh

“I particularly loved the Guardian Angel readings, but the whole course has been fabulous and exceeded my expectations!  Jennifer is a great teacher, very inspirational!” -JA, Scotland

“My favorite part of the course was the partner work, and ‘real time’ training which let me see immediately how effective the techniques are, and how competent I am.” -JP, Edinburgh

“I loved every part of the course, it more than met my expectations!  I feel confident and comfortable using the techniques.  I love Jennifer’s teaching style and knowledge, the course was awesome!” -PM, Scotland


Advanced DNA Practitioner Course

This three day course is designed to expand on the knowledge you have gained in the Basic Class. Learn the “expansion” technique of connecting to the Creator, which brings you closer to experiencing the oneness of all. In this class you receive a substantial number of positive downloads that will bring you profound healing and enlightenment. You gain an in-depth understanding of the Seven Planes of Existence that surround us and experience connecting to each of the planes; learn how to clear old resentments, vows, and commitments that hold you back and experience personal healing with new techniques including the “Baby in the Womb”, “Heal the Broken Soul” and “Heart Song” exercises.

This class is an amazing experience as you are filled with hundreds of new and positive feelings, that can make a profound impact on your connection to Creator, and allow you to move forward in achieving your desires. You receive healing as well as learning more techniques and ways in which you can use your new found Theta Healing® skills.

Prerequisite: Basic DNA Theta Healing Practitioner Course

*Advanced digging and creation of beliefs and feelings
*Life-transforming downloads
*Releasing rejection, resentment, and regret
*In-depth explanation and understanding of the Seven Planes of existence
*Connecting to different planes of existence
*Connecting with crystals and plants
*Release trauma from the womb
*Releasing negative vows and oaths
*Ancestral readings
*Higher-self connection and readings
*Healing the broken soul
*Time bending
*Accessing your future and changing your path in the highest way
*Heart Song


The full course investment is £395 when you book 6 weeks in advance saving you 10%. A deposit of £95 will secure your place on the course. It is advised to book in advance, as spaces fill quickly. The balance is payable 14 days prior to the commencement of the course. If you book after the early registration deadline, the full investment will be £435, so book early and save!

Payment Options

Student Testimonials:

“The Basic and Advanced courses were just fantastic…..and much more than I had hoped or imagined. I feel I have benefitted in so many ways, both personally and professionally. Jennifer delivered the course with such ease, and made us all feel valued and welcome. It was also just great fun and very inspiring…..I would highly recommend it!” -SK, Scotland

“This course offers much more than it says on the tin. Step into intention and lots of hidden powers of the mind and Soul. I loved all of it and enjoyed connecting with everyone on the course. It totally met my expectations in so many ways, really glad I attended!” -LS, Scotland

“Jennifer guided us through the Basic and Advanced level practitioners workshops with skill and expertise. I greatly enjoyed her integrity and honesty and her lightness of being and recommend her workshops highly” -JP, Scotland

“My favourite part of the course was feeling awesome, self-improvement , and learning new skills. Jen is awesome! She challenges her students, whilst knowing they can achieve more, and holding a kind and non-judgmental space for her students to learn” -JK, England

“My favourite parts of the course were the Ancestral Readings, and the Higher Self Readings.  Jennifer has a great teaching style, fun and light!” -EH, Scotland

“The Advanced course is an incredible place to hone and further your skills as a practitioner. It is a wonderful experience to show you more of what you have always been capable of, and deepened my understanding and vocabulary of Theta Healing, which helped me to communicate more effectively to my clients, and with other practitioners. After the Advanced course, I had stronger confidence in my capabilities, and a renewed recognition of the wonderful community of Theta Healing Practitioners in Edinburgh and across the world!” -ES, Scotland

Apex Grassmarket Hotel, 31-35 Grassmarket, Edinburgh, EH1 2HS



Dig Deeper Practitioner Course

Learning to dig deeply and effectively is the key to becoming an incredible Theta Healer. This two day course is aimed at practitioners who may have recently attended the Basic and Advanced courses, or who would like to gain more practice and understanding. It is recommended that practitioners attend Dig Deeper before the more advanced level courses.

*Learn the 8 ways of Digging
*Learn the most common questions to ask in a session
*Gain experience and confidence in digging for bottom beliefs
*Understand the subconscious and the way it works
*Recognize coping mechanisms and dissociation
*Learn the most common bottom beliefs that create negative patterns
*Opportunities in practice on other students
*Witness demonstrations
*Learn to apply these techniques when working on yourself

Attending will allow students to practice and learn from each other, and to grow in experience and confidence. Learning to dig effectively before you attend the more advanced courses will enable you to clear more on a deeper level, as both a client and practitioner. Students will find these courses easier and as a result will process and learn more, on a deeper level.


The full investment for the course is £295 if you book 6 weeks in advance saving 10%. Your place on the course can be secured with a deposit payment of £95, and the remainder is due 14 days before the course begins. If you book after the early registration deadline, your full investment will be £325, so book early and save!

Payment Options

Student Testimonials:

“An excellent course, much needed for anyone wanting to work with Theta. My favourite part was learning how to dig deeper, and not be afraid of doing so.”- LW, Scotland

“Dig Deeper with Jen was my twentieth ThetaHealing course and surprised me by far exceeding all expectations. Structure and function is the focus but exceedingly deep healings were also facilitated which clearly validated application of the various digging techniques. Jen is an exemplary Instructor whom can be relied upon to hold safe space, support with integrity and guide with compassion. All round fantastic course with Jen!” -JS, London

“The course exceeded my expectations, it is awesome!” -JK, England

“My favourite part of the course was meeting and working with an amazing class. I love the passion that Jen has for what she does, it is motivational and inspirational. I also appreciate that she shares her knowledge and wisdom in such a graceful way.” -PB, Scotland

“Jennifer is inspirational and her knowledge is phenomenal.  I feel her humour and experience are in balance and add to a very professional teaching.” -JM, Scotland

“My favourite part was the explanations about digging and virtues.  It was great to get more experience!” -EH, Scotland

“I feel that it is possible for me to use digging with clients and get results, which is why I took the training.  Jennifer is a lovely teacher, I feel safe in the environment which she creates.  I can learn in a fun way too, which is important to me.” -LE, Scotland

“My favorite part of the course was the ‘hands on’ experience, and sharing in the knowledge of the students and teacher. My confidence has increased significantly.  Jen is a fabulous teacher, incredibly knowledgeable, very inspiring, hugely encouraging, and I am privileged to be a student of her’s.” -JA, Scotland

Venue: 9A Torphichen Street, Haymarket, Edinburgh, EH3 8HX


“Jen is an inspiration, a guide, an amazing teacher, and a wonderful person. She helped me turn a big page of my life with grace and support, and I will be forever thankful!”

Jennifer’s accreditations: BSc Psychology, Theta Healing Master and Certificate of Science, Acu-detox Specialist, Reiki Master Teacher, Crystal Viewing Instructor. More about Jennifer Main…

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