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Monthly Webinar Series


For those of you who are ready to delve deeper…

Because so many of you have requested that I bring my own workshops online, I decided to create a webinar series!
These webinars will cover so much of what I speak about regularly throughout Scotland, allowing you to take the key pieces of wisdom, and apply them now.
Below, I have listed the first few events, covering some of my most recent workshops from within the UK.  
Within these 1 hour webinars, you will be able to ask questions within the Facebook Event at the end of the teaching segment.  You are also free to send questions before we begin, to ensure that I cover anything specific that would support you in your life.
Contribution: The first webinar will be offered as a fundraiser for The Water Bearers.  You can donate directly through the linked page here, donating $25 (approx £19), or more of you're feeling particularly abundant!  I will email you the webinar details the day of the event, using the email address you donated with.

Wednesday 20 December @ 7pm: Setting Boundaries with Time

Thursday, 11 January @ 7pm: Conscious Creation of 2018

February: Living your Gifts