What is 2015 teaching you?

Half way through 2015

Are you fighting flow? ♥

How are you holding up?

What a year so far! It seems as though the consensus is that it has been a roller coaster ride… And then some!

When I look back at the first half of the year, at the progression and change, I am left with one conclusion: 2015 is the year of Authenticity.

This is the year in which you move more fully into alignment with You, your Soul Purpose, Divinity, and Truth.

I mentioned in my last newsletter that Truth is not always easy. And some of us are fighting it, whether we are aware of that battle or not…

The reason that so many of us are having a hard time with this shift into alignment, is because we are resisting the change that is coming. We avoid it, ignore it, bury our heads in the sand.

If you ignore the change that is coming, it will happen in the only way that it is allowed (which may be quick, shocking, unsettling, or unpleasant).

Would you like to know the key to making it more gentle?

Awareness. Understanding. The ability to look truth in the face without judgement or resistance.

Alignment never has to be overwhelming, but if you are fighting the current, you may feel swept away, losing sense of footing and self.
My advice would be to flow with the current of change, aware of what you are creating, aware of the shifts that are ready for you.
Every time you release resistance, you expand. Every time you let go of a label, an old belief, an unhealthy relationship, you flow with the current, and into deeper alignment.

Close your eyes, take in a few deep breaths…

Allow yourself to see your life over the next month. What change can you witness?
See the next 3 months. And the next 6.
What do you see for yourself at the end of 2015?

If what you see worries you, ask yourself why. What is it triggering within?

Are these simply fears of the unknown?
What areas of your life are shifting, making you feel uncomfortable or resistant?
Are there ways that you could create change that would make you feel empowered?
Are you able to step into your power, your ability to choose, into that alignment, allowing change with more precision and flow?

Allow yourself to see the next 6 months, witnessing fear of the future resolve within you as you know and more fully understand your future.

The truth is that fear is present when we do not understand. Fear is a lack of awareness.
Allow yourself to be aware, to be brave, and to understand.
Allow the next 6 months to flow with grace ♥


Would you like to know how to find true alignment with ease, to connect with Soul and Truth in the highest and best way, allowing graceful change on all levels, to know that you are worthy and deserving of this in your daily life, to know what it feels like to flow with your evolution, on every level of your being?
Say yes and receive! ♥

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