Are you Brave enough to have a Conversation that Matters?

Are you brave enough to have a conversation that matters?
(Just say NO to small talk!)

I’ve developed an intolerance to small talk. It is now my worst nightmare, and it seems to be taking over! (Can I get an AMEN?!?)
So I’ve decided to do something about it.
When people half-heartedly ask me about how things are going with work/home/partner/cats/weather/etc, I politely and briefly answer, and then I change the subject, or ask them to tell me about something meaningful in their lives.

Small talk is just that… Its small. Its a way to fill the silence, to allow you to “feel” connected, but without really connecting.

There are just too many BIG things happening in the world and in your life to talk about rain!
Start up the interesting conversations in your home, your work place, your coffee morning!
Ask others less about what they are doing, and ask about how it makes them FEEL!
Ask them about their passions, and how those passions inspire them to act.
Ask your family members about their biggest, most beautiful dreams. You’ll probably be surprised with the answer you receive!
Ask your friends about what they would most like to change about their lives, and support them through the thought process.
Ask your work colleagues what they truly want to accomplish or have or see or do in their lives, and cheer them on as you discuss ways to make it happen!
Here’s the thing: Having REAL conversations means that you have to open up and be vulnerable with others.
And when you are vulnerable, YOU are REAL.
Let’s bring a lot more REAL into our daily lives!
The revolution against small talk begins today!
Who is with me?!? <3

Would you like to know how to express your greatest aspects and ideas, in the highest and best way,
to share all that makes you unique and special, with grace,
to allow others to be real and authentic in your presence,
to know that you are worthy and deserving of authenticity in your daily life,
to know what it feels like to allow brave and honest communication on all levels?
Say yes and receive! <3

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