Remember your roots, Embody your inherited gifts

Reconnect with the wisdom of your ancestors.
During the ceremony, we will take time to resolve family karma and release obligation and fear from the ancestral line.
We will then connect with your ancestral wisdom and gifts, allowing them to come through and be expressed in your daily life.
These ceremonies provide time for healing, and initiation into new ways of thinking and behaving.
Jennifer will transmit information throughout the ceremony, for individuals, and for the group's benefit. Time for meditation and inner connection will be given, as well as space for sharing, and expressing these rediscovered gifts.
At the end of the evening, you will feel more aligned, more present, and supported in your next steps.  I look forward to welcoming you and your ancestors to the circle.
$20 for 1 person, or $30 for 2
Payment Options

Date & Time:
16 July, from 6:30-9pm (TBC)
Savannah GA, TBC