What do you permit in the name of Patience?

How much ‘patience’ do you employ before you hit your breaking point? I think that most of us mistakingly allow others to take advantage of us under the guise of patience. Over the years I have repeatedly asked or begged for patience, wanting to feel calm and compassionate in the presence of abuse. I asked for patience with people who … Read More

Are you creating pain, just to feel the relief that follows?

I used to get migraines that medicine would only temporarily dampen, and they would last days at a time. One day, I learned a trick… I realised that eating wasabi peas made my head hurt less. So did chilli, curries, or anything that was painfully spicy. The body has an amazing way of helping us cope. When we feel pain, … Read More

Self-Employed: Strong Suggestions

Self-Employed: Strong Suggestions from my trial and error approach I left my job 4 years ago. I know! FOUR YEARS! I can’t believe it either! The past 4 years have included many highs and lows, and everything in between. I get asked a lot about how I did it, how it has changed my life, and advice on what to … Read More

How can you ensure success?

How can you ensure success? I am often asked about what it takes to be successful, about the belief systems that hinder our success, and what we can do to ensure success. The best answer I’ve got: Immerse yourself in your craft, simply become so amazing at it that it becomes a part of you, and as you live and breathe it, … Read More

Motivation vs Inspiration

Motivation vs Inspiration: Ask for nothing less than Inspiration I talk a lot about Motivation vs Inspiration. They are two very different energies and it is worth having discernment between the two… Motivation involves an outside influence, and involves you reacting to another. It is temporary and will continually need to be sought out to fill you again. Inspiration comes … Read More

Do you avoid being the tallest poppy?

Do you avoid being the tallest poppy? What is it that is keeping you small? When I was 10 years old, I won an art competition at school. We drew pictures for Earth Day (22 April, TODAY!!), and my drawing was picked for my year. I was so proud! I was awarded a t-shirt to wear on the school’s Earth … Read More

How do you Judge your Body, your Rented House?

How do you judge your body, your rented house? The energy, and the time I have wasted during my life thinking about my body, worrying about almost every part of it at one period or another: my chin is too long, my neck is not long enough, my nose should be more delicate, etc. Now age is handing me a … Read More

Look beyond your differences and see the truth

Stop talking about the differences and See the similarities (and the Truth)… Each time I travel, I am asked what is different now that I live in the UK. I am asked the differences in currency, food, clothing, cost, healthcare, travel, attitudes, and politics, but never about what is the same. As human beings, we are great at learning through … Read More

6 Steps to Live your Purpose

Just 6 steps… Most of the work that I am currently doing with clients and students comes back to the same core issues. We are all a work in progress, evolving, letting go, and getting back to the essence of who we REALLY are. Not just who you believe you are, but to that Soul knowledge and understanding. It is … Read More