How do you Judge your Body, your Rented House?

How do you judge your body, your rented house? The energy, and the time I have wasted during my life thinking about my body, worrying about almost every part of it at one period or another: my chin is too long, my neck is not long enough, my nose should be more delicate, etc. Now age is handing me a … Read More

Look beyond your differences and see the truth

Stop talking about the differences and See the similarities (and the Truth)… Each time I travel, I am asked what is different now that I live in the UK. I am asked the differences in currency, food, clothing, cost, healthcare, travel, attitudes, and politics, but never about what is the same. As human beings, we are great at learning through … Read More

6 Steps to Live your Purpose

Just 6 steps… Most of the work that I am currently doing with clients and students comes back to the same core issues. We are all a work in progress, evolving, letting go, and getting back to the essence of who we REALLY are. Not just who you believe you are, but to that Soul knowledge and understanding. It is … Read More

Can Political Debate Help to Open your Heart?

Expansion through Political Debate… January was a pretty magical month, with plenty of opportunity to open, learn, and grow. I have been in the US for the past few weeks, visiting family and friends. And inevitably, conversation drifts to politics and the upcoming election. The most interesting aspect of this is how these discussions effect the people in the room. … Read More

What Can a Change of Scenery Do for You?

Connect with new surroundings and get out of the rut! I’m currently in the mountains of North Carolina, and remembering the many many benefits of a change in location, surroundings, people, land, and energy. A new location triggers an infinite number of memories, energies, or ideas. I know that when I feel a little stale or stuck creatively, a change … Read More

What Stops you from Becoming the Inspiration?

Who inspires you? And what is stopping you from becoming that inspiration? I think it can be easy to feel a little starstruck by our heroes, mentors, teachers, leaders. Guess what… They are people too. Everyone that you look up to has made mistakes, has failed many times, has had to find his or her way. And what’s exciting about that … Read More

Up the Prayer, Deepen the Meditation

Up the Prayer, Deepen the Meditation: My new mantra! I was listening to the very awesome Marianne Williamson recently, and she was talking about some of the conflict and turmoil around the world. She very simply stated that we need to: “Up the prayer, and deepen the meditation” This has become my new mantra <3 Prayer is your communion with the … Read More