What do you refuse to see?

What do you refuse to acknowledge within? Avoidance is one of the ways that we attempt to protect ourselves. We believe on some level that if we refuse to acknowledge something, that it will not hurt us. But the opposite is true. Whatever you resist persists. Whatever you avoid sticks. Whatever you ignore will eventually make itself known. Often in … Read More

What is anger motivating you to do?

What is anger motivating you to do? Our emotions are powerful guides, when we listen… We often feel more willing or able to follow our joy, our bliss, our peace. But what are our other emotions, our more negative feelings, trying to tell us? Anger is one that most of us tend to avoid. We are afraid of it. We … Read More

Are you drowning in the shallows?

What is Resistance? We talk a lot about self-sabotage and avoidance and try to create strategies to fight resistance. But why do we experience resistance at all? We resist delving deep within, the pressure of deep diving. Have you ever seen what free divers do? Free divers go into the water, without oxygen, with only a few pieces of equipment, … Read More

How a Masculine practice can help you to flow with the Feminine

And how one extreme can show the way to harmony… I have always been more comfortable in extremes. Extremes are much clearer than ‘middle ground’. When you feel really angry, you know it. If you just feel a little irritated, uninterested, meh, there is less clarity on how you feel and why. A few years ago, I began to look into … Read More

What is getting in your way?

What is getting in your way? (And why are you allowing it to stop you?) When I ask about barriers, distractions, blocks, or obstacles, I receive a variety of reasons and answers. Usually, they include negative belief systems, based off of what was learned at an early age (‘That’s all you’re getting’, ‘That won’t work’, ‘You don’t have the skills/knowledge/experience’, … Read More

How do you respond to fear?

Fear is one of my favorite topics. Ever. I love the ways in which people respond when you touch upon fear. Usually, they either dive into the conversation, happy for an outlet or opportunity to process and understand, or clam up, close off, sink down. We all have fears, and there will always be a degree of fear in our … Read More

Living as a Masterpiece

Living as a Masterpiece (with a little guidance from Prince and The King) I have written before about Prince and Mastery. I use him as an example of someone who has immersed himself in his art, his craft, his purpose for living. His purpose was very clear and he lived it. I attended an Elvis Tribute act earlier this week … Read More

Is ‘Loyalty’ Delaying your Evolution?

As we move towards the end of the year, and a feeling of ending or closure, we naturally feel unsettled as we face the unknown. Because endings are really about beginnings. And both can be scary, even when we have been asking for (begging, demanding) change! The transition period is the sticky part. As we let go and resolve layers … Read More

There’s no place like home!

Ruby Slippers, or the Yellow Brick Road? This post has been in my draft folder for months. I have held back on getting involved in the political debate for many reasons. I want you to know that the purpose of this post is not to convince you which candidate is best or worst. It is about recognising what is being … Read More

Let life colour your existence <3

Let life colour your existence <3 Traditional teachings state that we give and take energy, and that we feel most uncomfortable as we take on ‘other people’s stuff’. I used to believe this too, and while it helped me to imagine releasing another’s energy as I set new boundaries, nothing fully resolved as a result. I believe that right now … Read More