Can your Vulnerability Strengthen you?

(i.e. Is your stubbornness stopping your evolution?) There is a part of me that can appreciate a little rebellion.  There are times when shaking up the ‘status quo’ is good for the world.  But I can also see how we can become stubborn or fixed when we feel that our rights or desires are being pushed or threatened. Where does fixation … Read More

What are you creating to gain Permission?

(i.e. What do your negative emotions give you permission to do?) I am often asked about the point of negative experiences, feelings, perspectives, and why we go through them. There is a positive to EVERY perceived negative in existence. If we are here to experience, learn, evolve, we can do this in an infinite number of ways. And we are … Read More

Do you truly understand Love?

On some level, we all fight the experience of Love. We ask, beg, and plead for love, and then reject loving experiences as they are offered. There is always a complex mix of ideas, images, and feelings that float to the surface as we consider what the word love means. The layers of misaligned ideas develop as a result of … Read More

How could Healing Yourself help the world?

As a healing practitioner, I have heard the expression “Healer, heal thyself” repeated throughout the years.  And the more I teach and practice, the more I understand the why behind this wisdom. There is always a difference in working with a practitioner who has gone through their own ‘stuff’, but has processed, understood, and resolved it, versus one who has not.  A … Read More

Strip it Back

In December 2016, I witnessed David Gray’s masterclass at the Royal Lyceum Theatre in Edinburgh. I am in love with the experience of listening to singer/songwriters perform their own work.  Because they KNOW it, they live it, they understand.  There is a magic in that connection from heart, gut, soul, to hands, voice, instruments. I did not know many of … Read More

What wisdom are you bringing to 2018?

What wisdom are you bringing to 2018? The end of December is one of my favorite times of the year. I love it because work winds down for the holidays, and I set aside time to reflect, to gain perspective. It is a powerful few weeks. As I look back, I remember what I’ve gained over the year. And this … Read More

What do you refuse to see?

What do you refuse to acknowledge within? Avoidance is one of the ways that we attempt to protect ourselves. We believe on some level that if we refuse to acknowledge something, that it will not hurt us. But the opposite is true. Whatever you resist persists. Whatever you avoid sticks. Whatever you ignore will eventually make itself known. Often in … Read More

What is anger motivating you to do?

What is anger motivating you to do? Our emotions are powerful guides, when we listen… We often feel more willing or able to follow our joy, our bliss, our peace. But what are our other emotions, our more negative feelings, trying to tell us? Anger is one that most of us tend to avoid. We are afraid of it. We … Read More

Are you drowning in the shallows?

What is Resistance? We talk a lot about self-sabotage and avoidance and try to create strategies to fight resistance. But why do we experience resistance at all? We resist delving deep within, the pressure of deep diving. Have you ever seen what free divers do? Free divers go into the water, without oxygen, with only a few pieces of equipment, … Read More

How a Masculine practice can help you to flow with the Feminine

And how one extreme can show the way to harmony… I have always been more comfortable in extremes. Extremes are much clearer than ‘middle ground’. When you feel really angry, you know it. If you just feel a little irritated, uninterested, meh, there is less clarity on how you feel and why. A few years ago, I began to look into … Read More