What Stops you from Becoming the Inspiration?

Who inspires you? And what is stopping you from becoming that inspiration? I think it can be easy to feel a little starstruck by our heroes, mentors, teachers, leaders. Guess what… They are people too. Everyone that you look up to has made mistakes, has failed many times, has had to find his or her way. And what’s exciting about that … Read More

Up the Prayer, Deepen the Meditation

Up the Prayer, Deepen the Meditation: My new mantra! I was listening to the very awesome Marianne Williamson recently, and she was talking about some of the conflict and turmoil around the world. She very simply stated that we need to: “Up the prayer, and deepen the meditation” This has become my new mantra <3 Prayer is your communion with the … Read More

What are your Goals with Soul?

Resolutions work for some… But what about creating some Goals with Soul? Here is what I know: When it comes to setting goals, making decisions, creating your life, it is less about knowing what you should do, and more about FEELING what is in ALIGNMENT Any time you set a goal, take the time to ask yourself: What is the … Read More

Have you found your Inner Compass?

What is Evolving in Your 2016? Over the past months, I have been considering what needed to change in my life. None of it felt very clear. I could tune into my feelings to guide me, but my inner vision (the ‘movie’ of my life) was very out of focus. By having to feel my way through the process, I … Read More

How do you want to FEEL in 2016?

It’s the most WONDERful time of the year! This week is always one of my favourite weeks of the year. Christmas day is a busy day (lots of fun and food, hooray!), but I love settling in the day after, having a week to rest, to look back over the year, and towards the next. What has your 2015 been … Read More

Are you ready to become a Jedi?

What can Jedi Knights and Star Wars teach you about Peace? What a week!! I don’t know about you, but mine has been pretty epic! Yesterday, I hosted the final Spiritual Coffee of 2015, our Monthly Meditation, (on resolving conflict and embodying peace), and then attended the midnight viewing of the new Star Wars (totally LOVED it!). Life is pretty good … Read More

Are your excuses running your life?

I have another confession to make… At my worst moments, I usually wait until I get to the point of it being so uncomfortable that I HAVE to change. I have to get sick and tired of hearing my inner voice debating, telling me what I should do, feeling the inner conflict of justification and excuses. Deep down, I know … Read More

What is your Great Calling?

What is your calling? What is your offering to the world? I remember growing up and hearing my grandparents talking about being ‘called’ to do something. I heard the same terms in church and conversation with family and friends. Whenever they discussed being Called, there was a feeling of love, an air of holiness about it, an energy of ‘more … Read More

Do your Dreams Overwhelm?

When was the last time you felt overwhelmed? Not by your ‘normal’ life, but by your dreams? Something I catch myself doing, on a fairly regular basis, is downgrading my hope, ever so slightly, because I am afraid that I won’t get what I want. I think this is possibly my worst habit. Not because I am doubting myself, or … Read More