How do you recognise resistance?

How do you recognise Resistance? And how do you kiss it goodbye? Let’s talk about resistance. We all resist. Even when you think you’re not resisting, you may be resisting. You know those times when you feel distracted, or unsure of where to start, or feel that something else should take priority. Yep, that’s you resisting. I’m going to feel … Read More

What is stopping your flow <3

What is stopping your flow? Ready to get it going again? I don’t know about you, but the past few weeks have been pretty productive! And on a whole new level, not just getting through the normal stuff, but adding new and improved epic fun! Over the past year, I have had about a million ideas floating around in my … Read More

The Importance of Communion in your daily life…

What is prayer? And what could you do to make it meaningful? I have been thinking a lot about prayer over the past weeks. What it is, what it means, how it works, and how that word has evolved for me over the years. I grew up with prayer as a regular part of my life. Prayer before meals, at … Read More

Ready for happiness?

Are you ready for the key to happiness? And are you ready to open up? I gave a talk last week (to a group of awesome people) on what it is to be infinitely abundant. Because you are everything, you are infinite, and you have anything you could possibly want or create within you. Super cool, right? Before we got … Read More

You are eternity ♥

Time, part 2 Eternity, in the physical world So as I stated in last week’s blog, time is a gift. A beautiful amazing gift, that allows us to become more conscious. Do you love it yet? Maybe, maybe not… This week, I wanted to look at our existence beyond this plane and beyond time. Time works very differently beyond our … Read More

Is Time an asset or a barrier?

Time, part 1 A fluid concept I sat down to write a short entry about time, and then I realised that all that I want to share could take up a lot of space (and time). So I’m going to split it up into a few entries, spanning over this month. I hope you find it all useful! Over the … Read More