The Crystal Remote Viewing Technique was developed as a way of connecting with past and future lives, to gain insight, information, and to facilitate healing.
Over the course of the two days, participants will have an opportunity to learn about the healing properties of crystals, how to choose and lay them in a session, creating a vortex which allows the client to witness themselves in other incarnations.  Each participant will have time to practice the layouts as well as witness other incarnations, learn the lessons, and receive instant healing and resolution.
Participants will learn to guide clients through past lives, future lives, and to connect with guardian angels and guides.  Each layout provides an opportunity to resolve karma, forwards and back, transcending time.
*Connect with past life and/or ancestral memories and more deeply understand your patterns of thought, belief, and emotion
*Discover the connection between your past and future selves, and how these contribute to your Soul learning and evolution!
*Understand your connection to other Planes, and ways to channel information and guidance from your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides
*Connect with other lands and other times, learning more about the energies beyond your present surroundings

Day 1:
Morning: Crystals, their healing properties, how to choose for a layout and healing

Afternoon: Detailed explanation and demonstration of facilitating a layout, and first layout exchange

Day 2:
Morning: Layout exchange 2

Afternoon: Layout exchange 3, review, Q&A

Participants will be certified to practice at the end of the course.  You will be provided with a manual and information on choosing crystals and other materials for your layouts.
Crystals, mats, refreshments, and other equipment will be provided for use during the course, but you are invited to bring your own crystals along as well!

Dates and Times: Saturday-Sunday, 5-6 October, 2019

10-5pm daily

Investment: £250

Payment Options

Recent Praise...

"My favourite parts of the course were meditating with crystals, and practicing the layouts. Jennifer is a fantastic teacher, excellent at holding space, staying focused, and always brings us back to what is relevant, and the truth of the situation" -RM, Scotland