Crystal Viewing / Past Life Regression

On some level, we can all feel when ripples from the past become very present.  Or that those ripples are growing stronger or seemingly pulling at us.  Can understanding your past, help you to understand the present?
A Crystal Viewing session works on many different levels to help you to heal and gain clarity.
We use crystals to bring you into a theta state, allowing you to witness past stories and how they unfold.  As we connect with the past, we are able to access any understanding that you are searching for, and bring that knowing into the present.  By integrating these new perspectives, you are able to change the ways you respond to what is occurring in your own life now.
These sessions are facilitated in-person and last approximately 90-minutes, allowing you to connect with a few past experiences, with time to discuss the session, the connecting themes, and how they are playing out in your present circumstances.  The session ends with a higher perspective of what you can do to move forward with more grace.
We are also able to identify any gifts or skills you acquired at the time, and bring that knowing into the present to apply!  Many clients also find that they gain clarity around Purpose/Calling, as past themes show patterns of Soul direction and evolution. 

Regression layouts are ideal if you:

  • Recognize unhealthy themes that are ready to resolve
  • Know that the past continues to repeat and want to understand more
  • Are ready to release the stories, gaining knowledge and clarity in their place
  • Want to know more about your Purpose and Calling

*Please feel free to get in touch if you have any specific questions!   You can book your session with me below, please email me re scheduling date and time!

Investment: £95 for 90 minutes

Location: The Healthy Life Centre, 35 Bread Street, Edinburgh