Can Political Debate Help to Open your Heart?

Expansion through Political Debate…

January was a pretty magical month, with plenty of opportunity to open, learn, and grow.
I have been in the US for the past few weeks, visiting family and friends. And inevitably, conversation drifts to politics and the upcoming election. The most interesting aspect of this is how these discussions effect the people in the room. People either begin to open, or they close.
On one end of the spectrum, people are open, they allow conversation and exchange of ideas, they listen, and they respond with awareness of the exchange. These people can listen to an idea, consider it, and create conversation based off of the exchange.
On the other end of the spectrum, the energy and conversation is closed, tight, suffocating. People are giving opinion, but without hearing the other side. They are talking AT other people, without any connection or consideration.

Both of these types of people exist within the entire spectrum, left wing, right wing, Republican, Democrat.

Allow yourself to think back to the last time you were in a conversation with a group, and it felt a little uncomfortable, and the members of the group did not necessarily agree with each other…
How do you respond in those situations?
Do you close down and avoid sharing your thoughts?
Do you preach at the other side, attempting to convert?
Can you listen to another point of view without fearing that it will control you or force you to change?

Are you able to remain centred within yourself, to allow an exchange of ideas, to consider all aspects, and recognise what truly resonates with You?
I always appreciate a little lively debate, and people who are able to voice the ideas that resonate within themselves. I learn from those experiences every time I allow myself to participate. I always appreciate a bit of a challenge!
What would you need to allow yourself to join the conversations that matter, with an open heart and an open mind?


Would you like to know how to live your daily life with an open heart and open mind,
to know how to listen and receive another point of view,
without feeling threatened, controlled, or fearful,
to know that you are always connected and centred in the highest and best way,
that you are strong and powerful within,
to know that you are worthy and deserving of conversations that allow you to learn and grow with grace,
to know what it feels like to be open on all levels?
Say yes and receive! <3

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