Searching for Success?

For those of you who are running a business, or looking to improve/expand your role within an organization, let’s begin!
This 5 session coaching and healing package allows you to work through the fear, distraction, and procrastination that has delayed progress in the past.  Over the course of 6 weeks, we will have the space and time to address your fears, as well as create more focus and clarity for your next steps.  This is an opportunity to address your biggest barriers to success, resolving fear and obligation along the way.  This resolution then allows you to see your future with more clarity and focus.
*These sessions are modeled after the Game of Life course, which has facilitated shifts for thousands of practitioners, instructors, and entrepreneurs around the world.

Focus within the 5 sessions:

*Free yourself from obligation: How do the values and expectations of others influence your life? Are you fulfilling their goals or yours?

*Release the past: Are you still stuck energetically in an old job, school, your successes or failures?

*Acceptance within society: How do your family, friends, colleagues, and community respond to you and what you do? How do you allow their judgements to limit you? What shame, fear, rejection, or obligation are you experiencing within?

*Peer pressure & judgement: What do you sacrifice to make friends, family, or colleagues feel better? Do you feel guilty due to your success?

*Ready to succeed: How much is “too much” for you to create? How limiting is your comfort zone? Do you limit what you receive? What is your attitude towards money? Do you fear success? What do you do to sabatoge yourself?

*Five 1-hour sessions within 6 weeks, with a 30-minute follow up one month after.  Sessions can be facilitated in-person in Edinburgh or via Zoom, and will be scheduled at the time of purchase.
*20-minute Discovery Call before the sessions begin, personalised resource list, email and phone support between sessions.
Investment: £470

Let’s take that leap!

“Jen is hugely insightful and a master at what she does. One session with her can make such a change in your life. And she is a lovely person too-who delivers in a fun and relaxed way with a style that is uniquely her own. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”
-Pauline Brooks