How do you recognise resistance?

How do you recognise Resistance?

And how do you kiss it goodbye?

Let’s talk about resistance.

We all resist. Even when you think you’re not resisting, you may be resisting.
You know those times when you feel distracted, or unsure of where to start, or feel that something else should take priority.
Yep, that’s you resisting.

I’m going to feel ok about calling you out on this now, because I got called out on it the other day.

It was so sneaky and subtle! It got me!
And I needed someone else to let me know that it was time to stop it and get to work. Gra-ti-tude!

Here is what I know about resistance:

I have gotten pretty good at managing it. It is not necessarily a bad thing! I resist cleaning the bathroom because it is not a fun job. That is me recognising that scrubbing toilets is not in alignment with my deep sense of fun and adventure, and not to spend too much time doing it, because I don’t wanna!

What I have also recognised is that I can resist the big new stuff that is just outside of my comfort zone, which seems a little scary. And then it is just so easy to make up any excuse possible to avoid it!
No time to write, too many things happening to create, not enough experience to do that, not enough energy to join in. Sound familiar?

Here is what I have also learned: The big, crazy, outside-of-my-comfort-zone stuff is also what I LOVE to do once I get started. It is the stuff that makes my heart sing, my Soul dance.
I recently taught a Soul Purpose workshop that pulled me right out of my comfort zone. I had been resisting it for a year. It scared me to do it. My computer died the night before. I couldn’t sleep. I had to go in without the materials I was planning to rely on.

Guess what.

It was one of the coolest experiences of my life. I am sure that I am still processing everything that happened, for myself and the awesome Souls that were there with me, but I know that getting through that resistance has changed me. And my life. No going back from that! And the feeling is EPIC!

What are you resisting?

Take a deep breath and a deep dive in. You are going to LOVE it! ♥


Would you like to know how to move through resistance with ease, to allow yourself to maintain your focus and clarity, without being distracted by resistance or fear, to know that you can expand your world in the highest and best way, without sabotaging yourself on any level, that you are worthy and deserving of this in your daily life, and know what it feels like to recognise when you are stepping up and flow with it, on all levels?
Say yes and receive! ♥

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