Is Time an asset or a barrier?

Time, part 1

A fluid concept

I sat down to write a short entry about time, and then I realised that all that I want to share could take up a lot of space (and time). So I’m going to split it up into a few entries, spanning over this month. I hope you find it all useful!

Over the weekend, I had the privilege of teaching a Crystal Viewing practitioner course, to a group of exceptional healers (gratitude!!). Essentially, we use crystals to go into past and future lives (Sorry Walking Dead fans, the zombie apocalypse does NOT come), and connect with eternity. And yes, it is just as epic as it sounds!

This is possible because time is a very fluid concept and works very differently outside of our little human lives (watch Interstellar, that will give you a good idea). And time is also about perception (which I wrote about a few weeks ago and can be found here). We know that perception plays a part because one person watching a show or movie can feel that it ends quickly, and to another, it drags on endlessly. We also know that in various circumstances, time seems to slow dramatically, so that we can take in more information and understand what is happening around us (ever been in a car accident where time stood still?)

The Law of Time is one of the laws of existence that is actually pretty easy to work with, to bend. The problem is that so many of us see time as something that controls us, or that we have to fight against, or that we are desperately trying to slow down.

Are you always racing against the clock?
Are you continually running out of time?
Are you always late? Or always early?
How do you feel when you ‘waste’ time?

How much of an influence is TIME in your daily life?

Just take a minute to think over this last question…. How much does time influence your life, your happiness, your choices? Do you only allow yourself to do what time allows?

Albert Einstein said, ‘The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once’.
What if time actually allows us to experience events in a order that can be followed and measured, so that we are then able to perceive and interpret the events and their significance?

What if time is one of the greatest gifts that this plane has to offer you?

Time to process, time to learn, time to grow…

Most people work and live life on a schedule, which can be seen as an asset or a barrier. Have you learned to make time work for you?

What could you do to change your relationship with time in your daily life?

I encourage you to take an honest look at how you regularly spend your time, how you prioritise your activities, and start to pay attention to how much time you spend in the past (regrets, should have done, questioning), the present, and the future (worry, fear of, avoiding).

This is where we will pick up next week ♥


Would you like to know how to utilise time in the highest and best way, to know how to bend or stretch time with ease, to allow time to assist and support you, without feeling controlled by time, that you are worthy and deserving of this in your daily life, and that you already know what it feels like to exist in harmony with time on all levels? Say yes and receive! ♥

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