Rhythm & Creation...


Find your creative flow by aligning with worldly (and other worldly) support...

How often do you find yourself feeling out of sync, out of touch, or out of time?
The world we inhabit can often feel rushed, pushed, and we feel caught up in the race ahead, exhausted by all that we are forcing ourselves to carry.
What if you could work with the energies around you, being supported and guided by these magnificent tools, instead of feeling pulled, slowed, or spun in circles?

The intention behind this offering is to help you to create a RHYTHM, a flow to your world.  We will do this together, through ritual, meditation, ceremony, and deep healing.  This offering is for those of you who are ready and willing to commit to yourself, your life, your wellbeing, and are ready to create space for healing and deep transformation.

Group Magic (Online) + 1:1 with Jennifer

  • Monthly Emails for Guidance

    Receive an email from me at the beginning of the month, with practical and emotional support, information on how to take advantage of the weeks leading up to the New and Full Moons, and information about what each phase uniquely offers!

  • New Moon Online Ceremony

    Join me online at the New Moon Ceremony, for healing and grounded support to take your next steps forward!

  • 1:1 Session at the Full Moon

    Schedule a 50-minute session wtih Jennifer in the few days around the Full Moon, unloading any baggage that is slowing you down!

Membership Engagement Options

Single Month, Group Magic + 1:1 Full Moon Session

3 Month Membership, Group + three 1:1 Sessions around the Full Moons

1:1 Session Booking Information

Full Moon Dates, 2019: 13 October, 12 November, 12 December

Once you have made your purchase via PayPal, you can book your sessions via the booking button below! Sessions will be offered for the few days around the Full Moon

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