Meditation & Healing

Regular meditation and subconscious resolution is facilitated in both Edinburgh and Glasgow as an offering of connection and evolution. Each provides a different focus, allowing time and space for exploration and expression.
We begin each session with a discussion of the topic, including ways to connect with the energy within and surrounding, and an understanding of how to integrate practice into your daily life.
One to two meditations are included each session, allowing time to release anything that is keeping you from being aligned, healthy, and in harmony with your body.  These sessions provide time to delve into the chosen energy of the evening, enabling you to integrate a higher vibration into your body and daily life.  Once you have a ‘taste’ of the energy, you are able to anchor the memory and the understanding that you are always connected to a higher level of health, knowledge, and happiness.


5 September 2019, from 6:30-8:30pm

Harnessing Potential

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Book in advance: £12 for 1, or £20 for 2 people
Pay at the door: £15 for 1, £25 for 2 people
*Booking in advance is advised as seating is limited


Venue: The Healthy Life Centre, upstairs Training Room

35-37 Bread Street, Edinburgh
*This is a shoe-free centre, please feel free to bring slippers/socks for your comfort!*


13 September, from 7:15-9pm

Healing the Past to Become Present


Book in Advance: £12 for 1 or £20 for 2 people
Pay at the door: £15 for 1 or £25 for 2 people
*Booking in advance is recommended as seating is limited
Payment Options

Venue: The Wee Retreat

2 Myrtle Place, Glasgow
*This is a shoe-free centre, please feel free to bring socks/slippers for your comfort