Monthly Meditation & Subconscious Healing

in Edinburgh & Glasgow

**Monthly Meditation events will be postponed until we are able to meet again, in person**

Meditation and subconscious healing is offered in Edinburgh and Glasgow each month, as an opportunity to reconnect and evolve. Each circle provides a new focus, allowing time and space for exploration within and expression of deeper truths in all aspects of life.
We begin each event with a discussion of the topic, including ways to connect with the energy of higher understanding, and of how to integrate practices into daily life.
Two meditations are guided within each circle, providing time to release all that is no longer aligned, healthy, and in harmony within.  These sessions also enable you to integrate a higher vibration into your body and daily life, and once you have a 'taste' of the energy, you are able to anchor the understanding that you are always connected to a higher level of health, knowledge, and happiness.
The meditation circles facilitated by Jennifer are for those of you who are ready for deep unfolding and meaningful change.  Feel free to arrive with some inspirational intentions and a willingness to surrender your limitations.  Liberation is yours to choose.

Recent Praise...
"Awesome energy last night!  I totally LOVE the meditation evenings and Edinburgh and Glasgow are so different, both incredible!"
"Awesome evening spent at The Wee Retreat, a great energy exchange!  Hosted by the ever smiley lady of Stardust, Jennifer, great turn out, beautiful ancestral music and a lot of letting go and rebuilding of identity.  Thank you again!"


Next Month's Theme: Creating a New Future

Book in advance: £12 for 1, or £20 for 2 people
*Booking in advance is advised as seating is limited, please book your place before arriving at the venue*


Venue: The Healthy Life Centre

35-37 Bread Street, Edinburgh
*This is a shoe-free centre, please feel free to bring slippers/socks for your comfort!*


Next Month's Theme: Re-ignition of Faith


Book in Advance: £12 for 1 or £20 for 2 people
*Booking in advance is now required as seating is limited, and the events are regularly fully booked!  Please ensure that you book your place(s) before 4pm on the day of the event*
Payment Options

Venue: The Wee Retreat

2 Myrtle Place, Glasgow
*This is a shoe-free centre, please feel free to bring socks/slippers for your comfort