New Moon & Full Moon Online Ceremonies


Following the cycles of the moon is one of my favourite ways to focus, to heal, to reconnect with clarity.  I invite you to join me each month to release the last of all that is hanging on, and welcome in new opportunity.

The first half of the ceremony will include karmic clearing, resolution of learning, releasing withheld communication and emotion, and will create a spaciousness within to enable you to focus your creative energy.

The second half will allow time for us to call in all that you are ready to realise, to live, to experience, to understand.  We will connect with the energy of creation within you, focusing on deep desire and integration of the highest vibration.

You are welcome to join us Live, or watch the recording at your convenience.  The ceremony will be held via Zoom, allowing you to listen to any guidance I transmit, or ask questions about your circumstances.

Beginning in March: Choose New, Full, or both Moons for ceremony!

Upcoming Ceremonies in March:

New Moon: 24 March @ 7pm, £22


April Ceremonies:

Full Moon: 7 April @ 7pm: £22
New Moon: 22 [email protected] 7pm: £22
Both: £33

Investment: £22 per ceremony
OR £33 for Both (in 1 Calendar Month)
Payment Options

OR Add 1 Zoom session with Jennifer to be used within the month (around the full moon is ideal, but dates are flexible)
Total Investment for 2 ceremonies and 1 session is £111 (£139 value)

A link for the Zoom webinar will be sent to you on the day of the ceremony, and a link to the recording will be sent after.  I can't wait to connect!