Following the cycles of the moon is a powerful way to focus, to heal, to reconnect with clarity. 
I invite you to join me each month to surrender the last of your fears, your pain, and your limitations. And to welcome in new opportunity, possibility, and conscious creation.

Each ceremony will include karmic clearing, resolution of ongoing learning, a release of withheld communication, and healing of painful emotion.  Together, we will create a spaciousness within, to enable you to focus your creative energy, calling in all that you are ready to realise, to live, to experience, to understand.  We will connect with the energy of creation within you, focusing on deep desire and integration of the highest vibration.

Each New Moon provides an opportunity to begin again, tabula rasa.  During the dark phase of the moon, less light creates more freedom, as we lessen our ties to the paths that no longer serve us, and choose anew.  This is a time to plant seeds, to take our first steps in a new direction, and to embrace freedom and possibilities for new growth.
The Full Moon shines bright, allowing us to witness all that we have created, providing an opportunity to discern what is working well, and what we can release from our lives.  We are invited to declutter our lives, to say no, to liberate ourselves, and to walk away from anything that does not contribute to health and happiness.

Upcoming Ceremonies:

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius: 5 June @ 7:15pm

Investment: £15
(booking now available)

New Moon in Cancer: 20 June @ 6pm (TBC)

Investment: £15
(booking available once confirmed)

OR Add 1 50-minute Zoom session with Jennifer to be used within the month (the days surrounding the Full Moon are ideal, but dates are flexible)
Total Investment for 2 ceremonies and 1 50-minute session is £111 (£139 value)

Practical Points: You are very welcome to join us live, or watch the recording at your convenience.  We linger in the potent energies for a few days surrounding each phase of the moon, so I encourage you to continue with your healing/manifesting throughout, and repeating the ceremony can be of great benefit. 
The ceremony will be held live via Zoom, allowing you to listen to any guidance I transmit, or ask questions about your personal circumstances. 
The link for the Zoom webinar will be sent to you on the day of the ceremony, and a link to the recording will be sent soon after.