Initiation Ceremony: Rites of Passage

Initiation Ceremonies with Jennifer offer initiation into new ways of living.  Each is its own individual experience, providing clarity and healing in various levels of your Being.
You will be given opportunities for meditation, reflection and understanding, and participants will receive healing and new understanding of living a life of true alignment.
These ceremonies are a combination of self-discovery, resolution of limitation, healing, and elevated consciousness on every level.  Initiates will have time for healing, and initiation into new ways of thinking, perceiving and interacting with the world around you.

Join me and remember your connection with All That Is.

Can you remember a time when you felt fully aligned with your intuition?  When you trusted yourself to know and understand?  When you felt fully integrated within your own Self, and also in communion with the energy around you?
We are energetic beings, trying to perceive existence through our physical senses, and in the process, stopping ourselves from receiving the information that is being offered to us.  We invest energy and effort into closing off our senses, attempting to dampen down the frequencies around us.  And as we do this, we cut ourselves off from truth, the bigger picture, and all that is.  As we attempt to protect ourselves, we disconnect from all that we seek.
During the ceremony, we will take time to resolve fears of our intuitive senses, and release obligation, oaths, and vows from every level, that keeps us from living in Truth.
We will then reconnect with ancient wisdom and gifts, allowing them to be more fully expressed in daily life.
Poetry, blessings, music, healing, prayer... lyrical messages, music that supports your journey, and words that deeply heal are included, providing a space for death and rebirth, endings and beginnings, and freedom to choose.
Jennifer will transmit information throughout the ceremony, for individuals, and for the group's benefit. Time for meditation and inner connection will be provided, as well as space for sharing and expressing these rediscovered gifts.
At the end of the evening, you will feel more aligned, more present, and supported in your next steps.
I look forward to welcoming you to the circle, and witnessing your unfolding.

Recent Celebration...
"What a powerful healing we received Jennifer. This evening blew my mind. Perfect timing as I set off on a new adventure! Feeling integrated, aligned and empowered. Thank you so much! Lovely to connect with beautiful friendly faces there too."
"Thank you Jennifer! it was such a wonderful evening of healing and growth!"
"Thank you SO much Jennifer. That was quite simply amazing. So so powerful. Massive shifts. Feeling so good for it.Lovely energy and lovely beings there. Awesome!"
Wow, what a day, Jennifer, some how thank you doesn’t feel enough, but they are the only words I have at the moment for your help in removing my blocks and making the huge shift that occurred possible. Feeling rather blessed to have connected with and shared this part of the journey with such a warm and open group of people, kindred spirits for sure! Feeling inspired and motivated!”

Date & Venue:

Wednesday, 30 October from 6:30-9pm
Apex Waterloo Hotel 23-27 Waterloo Place, Edinburgh
Regent Suite


£22 for 1 Initiate, or £33 for 2
Booking in advance is suggested as past ceremonies have been fully booked!

Payment Options

Some notes on shedding...

It is recommended that you spend some time in the days leading up to ceremony in release, simply to allow more grace into the process.  This can be done in an infinite number of ways, so please go with what aligns for you.  A few ideas:
*Declutter...your closet, your paperwork, your unfinished projects, the swirling thoughts in your head, your inbox, your resistance
*Detox...your amazing body, your eating habits, your lack of movement, unhealthy habits that lack conscious choice, the amount of time you spend endlessly scrolling, gossip or drama
*Shed...old identities, labels you outgrew years ago, obligations of your past