Ready for happiness?

Are you ready for the key to happiness?

And are you ready to open up?

I gave a talk last week (to a group of awesome people) on what it is to be infinitely abundant. Because you are everything, you are infinite, and you have anything you could possibly want or create within you. Super cool, right?

Before we got into the big, epic-scale stuff, we talked about the ways that we stop ourselves from manifesting an abundant life. Know what the main issue is?


In order to receive, you have to be open. In order to be open, you have to be vulnerable.
How does it feel to be vulnerable?

Whenever I speak to students and clients about being vulnerable, the energy of the room changes. People draw in, and you can actually feel the fear. People associate vulnerability with pain, suffering, being taken advantage of.
The reality is that being vulnerable is an act of strength.
Being vulnerable shows that you can trust, that you are honest, and that you are ready for authentic connection, communication, and love.
And open to possibility ♥

I attended a talk by Robert Holden last year, where he asked us
‘How much love are you allowing?’
Take a moment to consider this… And ask yourself about the love you are NOT allowing…

Just how open to receiving are you?
To compliments? To gifts? To payment?
To kindness? To compassion? To trust? To love?

Are you ready to break right open and allow it all in? ♥


Would you like to know how to receive in the highest and best way, to allow yourself to receive love, kindness, and abundance with ease, to know how to be open to receiving and know that you are worthy and deserving of this in your daily life, and that you already know what it feels like to receive all that you have ever wanted or needed, on all levels? Say yes and receive! ♥

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