Revamp your Relationships: A deep shift in Personal Boundaries

11 days for £11


What could improve in your life if you changed your boundaries?

Each day, we choose our experiences.  We choose our perspectives, the way we feel, and the integrity of each connection.  Every conversation we engage in, and every action we choose, informs the quality of our existence.
Our relationships have a deep and lasting impact on the quality of life we live, but many of us struggle to create and maintain healthy, happy, and wholesome connection.
But what if this could change?  What if you could address these issues, making small adjustments, and creating meaningful progress along the way?

Every day for 11 days, you deep divers will receive an email with a video (roughly 10-15 minutes) talking through our biggest barriers to healthy relationships, and resolving old ways of thinking and feeling.  The information offered will include romantic relationships, friendships, work relationships, and community connection, covering all aspects of your social world.  Not only will we resolve the unhealthy patterns, we will step into more aligned and authentic ways of connecting and being.
We are going to have an amazing time together!

Areas covered include:

  • Truth, Honesty, Transparency
  • Conflict & Harmony
  • Trust & Vulnerability
  • Obligation, Responsibility
  • Honour & Respect
  • Love & Connection
  • Roles of Masculine/Feminine
  • Communication & Expression

Investment: £11 for 11 days

(When you purchase, please note within PayPal which email address you'd prefer, and the date you would like the series to begin)

Why join me?  I have been teaching Conscious Boundaries over the past 5 years, helping thousands improve their lives, their relationships, their health and wellbeing, by making conscious choices.  I am passionate about creating change by choosing differently, understanding the WHY behind choices, and gaining clarity on what we truly desire to experience.  I would love to be a part of your journey.

Current feedback:
Loving that this series is showing me how I relate to everything!
Really enjoying your videos and the synchronicity of them...they are spot on!