Setting Boundaries to Allow Freedom

I have been speaking to clients a lot lately about boundaries and non-negotiables, the MUSTS of life…
I started to implement this boundary in my life when I realised that there was a lot of imbalance creeping in.
I was putting off healthy habits and practices to accommodate everyone else. No more.
I thoroughly examined of my life, my work, my mental and physical health, and my relationships. And I found my priority, which essentially, is Me.
I can’t be a great in my work and be exhausted due to lack of work-life balance. I can’t be a compassionate friend when I can’t extend that same compassion to myself.
I had to walk the talk, and I had to start now.

I know that taking time out from work to exercise is necessary.
I know that eating fresh and healthy food is a must.
I know that spending time with friends who love and support me is not up for debate
I know that taking time out to meditate, journal, read, write, study, needs to be done on a daily basis.

So now I schedule everything else around what is no longer up for debate.  And setting boundaries in your life allows freedom

Life is much simpler. <3

Today, I would encourage you to ask yourself (especially those of you who serve):

What is best for me?



Would you like to know how to honour You in the highest and best way,
to make yourself a priority in your life, without feeling guilty or selfish,
to know the benefit of respecting your needs and desires,
to know that you are worthy and deserving of having your needs and desires met in your daily life,
to know what it feels like to embody health, harmony, and respect, on all levels?
Say yes and receive! <3

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