Strip it Back

In December 2016, I witnessed David Gray’s masterclass at the Royal Lyceum Theatre in Edinburgh.
I am in love with the experience of listening to singer/songwriters perform their own work.  Because they KNOW it, they live it, they understand.  There is a magic in that connection from heart, gut, soul, to hands, voice, instruments.

I did not know many of his songs, but I was consumed by his production.  He would begin a song with a bit of background music, record, and repeat.  And then a layer of melody, record, repeat.  Background vocals, a beat, and a few other layers would be performed one by one, and added to the growing complexity of the song.
{I remember watching a show about Motown music a few years ago, and hearing them discuss the layers of music, and the fullness the layers provided.  Music from that era has always been among my favorite, and now I know why.}

At one point, David started to talk about the layering of music, and I started to think about our layers of music, how we are all symphonies, being performed.  That each instrument, each note, each layer deepens our aspects, and deepens our experiences.  We are so complex, multi-faceted, nuanced, harmonious, and every aspect contributes to the beauty of the music, of us.
And David talked about how he adds these layers, but with each song, you can ‘strip it back to the prayer at its heart’.

I believe that the prayer at heart is Soul, Purpose, a whispered promise of why we are here.  Our actions, behaviors, words, and choices add to the layers of melody, pace, harmony, and the song of your life will have movements and stages, like a opera or symphony.  But always a prayer, a communion with the divinity within, that gives Life to it.

What is the prayer at the heart of your existence?
What is being whispered, that is creating the pace and form of your music?
What is the core of your Creation?

Take some time to day to meditate, to listen.  And please share! <3

With gratitude,
Jennifer <3

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to hear and know the guidance and direction, with grace,
to know that you are worthy and deserving of understanding the gift that you are, in your daily life,
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Say yes and receive! <3

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