Are you ready to LIVE your fate?

(i.e. Are you choosing the path, or avoiding it?) I don’t know about you, but the next month or two feels as though we are walking hand in hand with fate. I just finished reading a new Stephen King book, where he talks about how the most important events move on a hinge. Our choices initiate the swing of the hinge, and our … Read More

What is it that guides you?

(i.e. Are you listening to your Heart or Head?) How many courses of action are you choosing between right now? Are there too many to count? Or are there a few clear paths which feel impossible to choose between? The choices we make now will direct our experiences for the rest of the year. What do you need to understand … Read More

Are you being treated the way you desire to be treated?

(i.e. Are you showing yourself the same respect you’d like within your relationships with others?) As we approach the end of the year, we often look back to see what has worked, and what has not. And I find that any time something is not working, there is an opportunity to delve within, to understand what is ‘not working’ within. … Read More

What is anger motivating you to do?

What is anger motivating you to do? Our emotions are powerful guides, when we listen… We often feel more willing or able to follow our joy, our bliss, our peace. But what are our other emotions, our more negative feelings, trying to tell us? Anger is one that most of us tend to avoid. We are afraid of it. We … Read More

Let life colour your existence <3

Let life colour your existence <3 Traditional teachings state that we give and take energy, and that we feel most uncomfortable as we take on ‘other people’s stuff’. I used to believe this too, and while it helped me to imagine releasing another’s energy as I set new boundaries, nothing fully resolved as a result. I believe that right now … Read More

What do you permit in the name of Patience?

How much ‘patience’ do you employ before you hit your breaking point? I think that most of us mistakingly allow others to take advantage of us under the guise of patience. Over the years I have repeatedly asked or begged for patience, wanting to feel calm and compassionate in the presence of abuse. I asked for patience with people who … Read More

What is most important to you?

What is most important to you?  Fear or Freedom? The past few months have been a interesting time for a lot of us, as we release old labels and ideas (of who we are and what we want). Within that process, there has been some discomfort, which always shows a lack of alignment. I am in the process of questioning … Read More

Setting Boundaries to Allow Freedom

I have been speaking to clients a lot lately about boundaries and non-negotiables, the MUSTS of life… I started to implement this boundary in my life when I realised that there was a lot of imbalance creeping in. I was putting off healthy habits and practices to accommodate everyone else. No more. I thoroughly examined of my life, my work, my … Read More