How can you ensure success?

How can you ensure success? I am often asked about what it takes to be successful, about the belief systems that hinder our success, and what we can do to ensure success. The best answer I’ve got: Immerse yourself in your craft, simply become so amazing at it that it becomes a part of you, and as you live and breathe it, … Read More

The Final 10% to Mastery

The Final 10% to Mastery: What are you willing to commit? We moved house a few months ago. It made me very aware of a habit that has been holding me back for some time. We bought a shower rack. I put it together, added soaps and shampoo to the trays, but didn’t stick it to the wall. We brought … Read More

What Prince knows about Mastery

Depth of Passion vs Breadth of Knowledge Mastery, Passion, Performance <3 Some of you may be aware of my fondness (all-encompassing obsession) with Prince. Love him or hate him, the man has some magic, and deep down you KNOW this! If you have not had the honour of seeing him play live, allow me to paint a picture… Every note … Read More