The Importance of Communion in your daily life…

What is prayer?

And what could you do to make it meaningful?

I have been thinking a lot about prayer over the past weeks. What it is, what it means, how it works, and how that word has evolved for me over the years. I grew up with prayer as a regular part of my life. Prayer before meals, at church, before bed.

And I remember the day that I stopped.

I struggled with the notion of prayer throughout my childhood and teen years because I don’t think that I really understood what it was, or what it could be for me.

I kept trying to talk to someone who felt very far away. And I didn’t feel that I was heard, nor did I receive any answers. The process felt very empty and hollow. An empty relationship that was easy to walk away from.

What I have learned over the years is that the key has been finding the Divine in everything around me, and within me. Divinity is not something seperate. God is not far away.

To really recognise and understand, I had to allow myself to see and feel this.

And it was definitely a process.

I find over and over again with my clients and students that deep down, we are very afraid of God, or angry, or feel abandoned, lost, or alone.

Not a great foundation for a relationship.

The reality is that the only thing that keeps us separate from anything is our fear. We push away what we fear, which creates feelings of loneliness, abandonment, loss.

And the interesting twist in this is that we are usually afraid of the best parts of existence.

We are afraid of our light, our love, our potential. We are afraid that we will change the world. We are afraid that we will be seen and heard for the magical, musical beings that we really are.

What would happen if you allowed yourself to be fully Divine? To see yourself for ALL that you are, and not just parts?

How would your life change if you allowed yourself to communicate with the God-essence within you?

What would prayer be for you?

A Course in Miracles says that ‘Prayer is the medium of miracles. Prayer is the natural communication of the created with the Creator. Through prayer, love is received and through miracles, love is expressed.’

Can you imagine prayer that is simply a loving exchange between you and Creation?
An exchange where you feel love and gratitude, and receive miracles?

Are you ready for prayer with Divinity, Creation, God, Existence?
And would you like to know how to have prayerful communion with the people around you too?
We are, after all, creating Heaven on Earth… Let’s create a miraculous existence now ♥


Would you like to know how to commune with the Divine with ease, to recognise and embody the energy of Creation within, knowing that it is who you really are, to understand how to communicate gracefully and easily with yourself and the Divine, in the highest and best way, to know that you are worthy and deserving of this in your daily life, and that you already know what it feels like to embody miracles on all levels? Say yes and receive! ♥

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