Time is up for the old you ♥

Your time is up.
Better get a move on…
I often wonder why I feel as though time is running out.

And then I remember that what I ask for is exactly what I get.

Lately, I have been asking for evolution, expansion, truth, freedom, less and more.
I want Awareness. Consciousness. Healing and Resolution. To move beyond my Comfort Zone. To breathe breathe BREATHE. Less limitation, more effortlessness.
And I am provided with opportunities to experience these, or resolve whatever is getting in the way.

When you ask for evolution, you don’t get to stick with the same thing you’ve been doing for years.
When you ask for growth, you outgrow.
When you ask for truth, you get stark, clear, unapologetic truth.

On some level, you ALWAYS get what you ask for.
What are you requesting from existence?

Time is running out for the old you.

If you are asking for change, now is the time to prepare.
Decide what you want and how you want to experience it.
And ask for everything to be delivered with love, peace, passion, adventure, fun, lightness, brilliance, or anything that you wish. Be clear on what you are asking for.
Be aware, be conscious, do it all on purpose, with purpose.

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