Up the Prayer, Deepen the Meditation

Up the Prayer, Deepen the Meditation: My new mantra!

I was listening to the very awesome Marianne Williamson recently, and she was talking about some of the conflict and turmoil around the world. She very simply stated that we need to:
“Up the prayer, and deepen the meditation”
This has become my new mantra <3

Prayer is your communion with the Divine. Prayer is an invitation for the miraculous. Prayer is what connects you with All That IS, and facilitates communication with the highest of all that exists.
When we pray, we bring heaven to earth.

Meditation practice is what facilitates prayer.
When I meditate, I release anything that I am holding onto (thoughts, feelings, tension, stress, racing thoughts, pain, discomfort, duality, conflict) that gets in the way of clarity and calm.
When we meditate, we become the stillness that is so important to have in our daily lives. When we meditate, we find peace.

When we pray from that peace, we invite it into ourselves and the world around us.

What would you need to do to allow yourself twenty minutes each day, to release and resolve your inner turmoil, and commune with the Divine?


Would you like to know how to meditate and pray in your daily life, in the highest and best way,
to create the time to resolve your inner conflict with grace,
to connect with All That Is, facilitating miracles in your daily life,
to know that you are worthy and deserving of allowing the Divine into your life,
to know what it feels like to be eternally connected to the energy of Source and Unconditional Love, on all levels?
Say yes and receive! <3

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