What do you refuse to see?

What do you refuse to acknowledge within?

Avoidance is one of the ways that we attempt to protect ourselves. We believe on some level that if we refuse to acknowledge something, that it will not hurt us.

But the opposite is true.

Whatever you resist persists. Whatever you avoid sticks. Whatever you ignore will eventually make itself known. Often in the loudest, most inconvenient and uncomfortable way possible.

Which area of your life feels as though it is out of alignment?
Which facet feels uncomfortable, heavy?
What area is hazy, confusing, upside down?

What are you refusing to see, feel, know, or acknowledge on a conscious level, which would allow you to resolve the inner conflict?

Take some time today or this week, to shine a light on the dark places within your life. All you will see are your fears, (but remember, your fears are not the truth). And once you allow yourself to see beyond them, you will see and know the way forward, the way to peace <3
Download: Would you like to know how to see the truth, without fearing the truth, in the highest and best way,
to know how to see beyond your fears, with grace,
to know that you can embrace a deeper understanding, allowing old trauma and pain to resolve on all levels,
to know that you are worthy and deserving of knowing the truth of your life, and be empowered to evolve in your daily life,
to know what it feels like to embrace each facet with love, witnessing the ways in which honesty heals you, on every level?
Say yes and receive! <3

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