What is stopping your flow <3

What is stopping your flow?

Ready to get it going again?

I don’t know about you, but the past few weeks have been pretty productive! And on a whole new level, not just getting through the normal stuff, but adding new and improved epic fun!

Over the past year, I have had about a million ideas floating around in my head. Ideas that inspired me and pushed me beyond my comfort zone (those are my FAVourite!)

But I found that I wasn’t following through with them… Know why?


I am pretty savvy with most things (my website, Facebook, Twitter, the usual)… But when it came to organising anything beyond my normal (like webinars, community calls, my new-and-improved website), I was not making much progress.
I have always been good at the ‘just try it and see what happens’ approach, but for some reason, I felt that I could not really do that in this arena. So it all just sat without much happening, to say the least.

Know what changed it?

I got tired of being confused and annoyed and frustrated by technology.
And so I stopped avoiding it and got to work.
Everything that I have been afraid of is now being done.
No more excuses (seriously I was tired of hearing myself think about it)
No more delaying (it just drags out the suffering)
No more waiting for someone to find me and hold my hand (I went out and found people to hold my hand)

What worked for me was getting out of my head and getting to work.

Action. No more talking. Get. It. Done.

I promise you this: You will figure it out much more swiftly and easily while you are in the process, than you will from outside of it.

Jump in!

What have you been avoiding, delaying, setting to the side?
Who could help you with this?
What resources would you need?

Are you ready to stop thinking about it and just do it?


Would you like to know how to release and resolve patterns of procrastination with ease, to move forward in the highest and best way, without avoidance, delay, or distraction, to know how to trust yourself and your ability in this process, that you are worthy and deserving of this in your daily life, and that you already know what it feels like to manifest your goals and dreams with ease, on all levels? Say yes and receive! ♥

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